FAQ – JoshyExpress


What’s included in the access code?

All access codes include the online version of the textbook, homework, and learning material.

Please note that the "online version" of the textbook is only accessible through WileyPLUS online only. 

Will your code work for my course?

As long as your course uses WileyPLUS, our codes will work for your course. If your course utilizes a learning management system such as (D2L, Canvas,BlackBoard, ORION). Do not worry, our codes will work with them as well.

How will my code be delivered?

Once an order is made, your code will be directly e-mailed to you.

Will this work with WileyPLUS Next Gen?

"WileyPLUS Next Gen" is a new independent system separate from "WileyPLUS".

Unfortunately, our codes will only work with "WileyPLUS" courses only. Any course ID that starts with an "A"  e.g A15752 will mean your course is a WileyPLUS Next Gen course and will not be compatible with the codes sold on this site.

Please ensure that your course is using WileyPLUS before purchasing!

My credit card charged me multiple times

If you had made multiple payment attempts that failed to process but your credit card is showing charges, then most likely your bank is withholding this for extra authorization. You may need to call your bank to allow authorization.

If your credit continues to be rejected, It may be easier to go through PayPal or simply attempt a different credit card.

Rest assured, if your order did not process, there will be no charge on your credit card and your bank should clear the pending charges in 2-3 business days.

I did not receive my code

If for some reason you did not receive your code. Please contact us using our web-form. Please ensure you use a valid e-mail address.

I no longer need the access code, can I make a return?

Please refer to our return policy here.

Any questions?

As always, please contact us if you any other additional questions and we will get back to you ASAP